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Chasing Charlie D.J. Sherratt

Chasing Charlie

D.J. Sherratt

Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

What is Chasing Charlie? Exceptionally gifted blues guitarist Charlie Morningstar thinks he knows and hes spent 20 years on the road running from it. Performing for only a sophisticated audience raised on the same kind of classic jazz and blues that shaped his strong musical upbringing, Charlie Morningstar has more important goals than fame and fortune- Charlie Morningstar wants to stay alive! Denying him, his blues band and his brother the chance at superstardom, Charlie goes from one gig to another struggling to keep his eye on the road ahead while always looking back. His sanity begins to unravel until one roller coaster night when deja vu and incredible serendipity converge to set Charlie on a new road that takes him to where the chase began. Charlie finds a greater reason to stay and is reunited with an old family friend who has vast knowledge of his past, an offer for the present, and ideas about his future- all of which hes taking to his grave!